Internorm Windows

Want to know more about the windows we use at Paradigm Building Solutions?

Paradigm is pleased to provide customers in western Canada with highly energy-efficient and high-quality Internorm window and door products (NAFS11&17 Certified).

Europe’s No. 1 window brand has made it to British Columbia! ????????

Internorm has been an established family business for over 91 years and has developed from a one-man locksmith to the largest internationally active window brand. The company’s focus on continuous technological development and innovation has made Internorm the pioneer within the window market, setting the standard in Europe and beyond.

More than 27 million window and door units have left the three high-tech manufacturing sites in Traun, Sarleinsbach, and Lannach. Internorm exclusively manufactures in Austria and employs over 2,000 people. The company works with 1,300 distribution partners in 21 countries. The high-performance products are exclusively sold via selected distribution partners, who guarantee high levels of service and competency. 

Save 80%-90% more energy!

Save on utility bills all year long!

High-quality design made for security and insulation.

Reliable customer service – with real humans!

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Internorm Windows

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Why did we choose Internorm Windows?

The Sustainable Choice

Creating sustainable buildings is becoming increasingly important, and Internorm uPVC windows are the natural choice for achieving this in your own home.

Internorm has long focused on sustainable production methods:

  • in-house production of windows, doors, glass and profile extrusion
  • end-of-life recycling
  • integration of recycled uPVC in new products
  • waste heat recovery
  • switch to geothermal energy

When buying Internorm products, you can be assured of buying from a responsible manufacturer and supplier focused on reducing not only its own but also your carbon footprint.

The Financial Choice

Internorm windows have several factors that help to regulate the home in order to reduce costs: Long lasting and highly insulated.

Timber/Foam/Aluminum Compound

Your advantages:

      • Thermal foam: Insulation for best thermal insulation and protection from humidity of timber parts
      • Aluminium: Individual colour design, weather protection

Construction Parts are Pre-Treated to European Standards

Your advantages:

      • Internorm pre-treat all timber parts individually
      • This results in long life, high quality and optimum protection – especially in corner areas


The Right Choice

The perfect window for each building style and each room. Would you rather have a UPVC/aluminum window in the bathroom, but not want to miss a timber/aluminum window in the living room – Internorm can offer the perfect solution.

The window design and therefore the exterior design of the house remain the same. For the inside area, the windows are designed according to the requested requirements – either in UPVC or in timber.

Internorm has made a name for itself since the beginning of the company more than 80 years ago with a consistent quality mentality and innovation power. The well-engineered window and entrance door solutions are sending a clear signal: Quality is the daily requirement!

Who is Paradigm?

Paradigm is focused on building panels and helping facilitate sustainable builds across BC. We will help you plan, develop and build your desired home or structure using our cutting edge panels. We are here for you. 

Customer satisfaction is behind everything we do at Paradigm. We are a data driven company that prioritizes a safe work environment for our high performance team. Protecting our planet is our mandate, achieved through our waste reduction plans and ongoing adaptations to increase efficiency.

We are in this for the long run – both with customers, suppliers, our team and the environment. We strive to create long lasting relationships.

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