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The Process of Sustainable Construction

Over its lifespan, a Paradigm Panel home will consume only 10% of the energy of a standard home. Why? Because high energy efficient homes only need a fraction of the energy to heat or cool your house. This not only reduces GreenHouseGases but it also saves you on your monthly utility bill. Living in one of our homes is more sustainable on many levels.

Building a house with wall panels also reduces the energy needed in the building process. Instead of hauling everything to a building site we build in our dry and heated factory. This allows us to reduce waste. But we also avoid the many kilometres of trucking usually needed when every piece of building material is shipped to site. Efficiency starts with the building process and continues for long after that.

Advancing technology

Our Facility

Paradigm Panels wall systems are built within a 23,000 sqft facility using an automated framing station.

The factory uses the opportunities of the Internet of Things (IoT), known as Industry 4.0. The Internet of Things refers to a network of physical components which allow their operators to communicate through internet-enabled devices and systems.

What is the benefit of using the IoT?

We connect machines and humans with smart watches. It reduces down time and optimizes communication on the shop floor. It also reduces a very important waste: time.

Our Process

Advanced software preplans all components produced in the facility. Paradigm’s off-site manufacturing allows for enhanced precision: robots assemble our products within a controlled environment to an unmatched level of precision. All sheathing is applied by robots.

Our technology focuses on the production of two different products, open wall panels and closed wall panels.

A Paradigm Panel home will truly make a difference to you and the environment.

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