Attention Students! 

We have just been approved for a Supplemental Unemployment Benefit Program-SUB Plan from the Canadian Government which allows us to Top Up our Apprentices wages to 95% when students attend school for their training. We are officially offering this for our Carpentry Apprenticeships. 

Typically, when someone goes to school they can only receive 50% of their wage through EI Benefits but this program allows us to Top their wage up to 95% of what they would usually earn without affecting their EI earnings.  This is a huge deal to remove the stress of losing income in order to go to school.

We will use the Supplemental Unemployment Benefit (SUB) plan to increase employees’ weekly earnings when in school.

Payments from SUB plans that are registered with Service Canada are not considered as earnings and are not deducted from EI benefits 

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For more information please email

Jenny Currie | Administration | 1 (250) 517-8497